The Process I am Using for my Winter Park Canvas Project

Once I take and fall in love with a photo, I print it a few times on card stock. I then tangle  and doodle on the card stock. If I love what is happening, I then print my photo on canvas, this one is 16 x 20.  It is a photo of a large iron, decorative gate that is inside a hotel.  Knowing I wanted to utilize the shadows, I played with it until they were fairly obvious. 

After using a gold ink pen to see and feel what can work (and by that I mean what I love!) 

I then take a better quality gold paint pen and begin to execute my enhancements. 

The first two photos are on the card stock, nothing done on on first, then the second one is where you can see my inkings. .  The third photo is the canvas, with beginning of my  final work. I work on it over a period of days, for when I leave it alone for awhile, I always see new ideas!

 This canvas, along with my others will be in my gallery show in the fall! Stay tuned to where and when!!