Camera Roll and Snapshot

I  have always been DRAWN  to patterns. Now I am DRAWING patterns!

I take lots and lots of photos, and when i look back at them, I can find patterns.  When people are taking pictures of the famous buildings, I am taking pictures of the roof tiles . My family no longer questions when i point my camera down and take a picture of the flooring!

Or up....           

I use these photos for inspiration for a new pattern, or to actually tangle on 

How do I know which picture to take?  At first it simply has to catch my eye, and with the advent of digital photography, its easy and chep to take EVERYTHING that catches my eye. When I upload the photos I have a gut feeling for the best of  what I took.  No kidding, some of my photos give me a trembling, a yummy feeling in my tummy. Like when you see a delish dessert... thats when I know its a keeper.  Not all my photos may look like that to you or me (!) at first, but the idea of what I can do to it I may be getting my mouth to water. 

I may not do anything with or to the pix right away... matter of fact it was years until I used some of the photos I took in Spain, France, Turkey and Cuba! It was not until  I took a class in Zentangle, and learned to draw repetitive patterns in a meditative way, that I realized how I would use my photos.

I made a book called Real Life Strings! I designed it as a work / coloring book that you draw a directly in. You can find out more here. 

Keep watching this blog for more of what I see, how I see it, 

(and what I do to it!)