Live the Life You've Imagined!

I'm very entrepreneurial. Each time I start a new business venture I ask myself the same question, "Is THIS it?” Will this finally be THE vehicle that will bring me to THAT place? That “place,” of course, is where I would enjoy the hell out of what I was doing, and also be making a difference! However, never has an endeavor lead me to a resounding “YES! THIS is it!"

That is, until now…The pillow that you see below greeted me in my hotel room in Providence, R.I., where I was attending training to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher. Little did I realize that it was telling me the answer to my life-long question; “YES! This IS it!”

Zentangle is turning out to be not only a vocation, but my LIFE as I have always imagined it! It is fulfilling my artistic and creative needs, and through my teaching, is easily ‘spreadable!'

As short as this new career is, I personally have already seen a difference being made in my students. Through a Zentangle class, I taught one woman how to escape (for a little while each day) the stress of being a caretaker to her husband who is fighting cancer. Another student of mine, upon learning to use her new art form, found help with her insomnia. The list goes on, including being able to reduce the use of pain meds, controlling anger issues and even relieving symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Some people report Zentangle has also helped them release bad habits! I am collecting the more dramatic stories. But small changes in almost everyone who discovers this "new fangled" art of  Zentangle are evident. 

I cannot wait to gather more and more stories of how, through my efforts of teaching Zentangle, people's lives are changing. I know it is certainly changing mine! I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you as you begin your “tangled” journeys. Feel free to reach out to me as you do at (or leave a comment below!) and let me now how Zentangle is changing your life!

Happy tangling! 

Sindy P.