My Summer Fun

I kept myself very busy over the summer and wanted to show you some of my NEW tangles! 


I’ve  tried, I really have tried to meditate. I even ‘took' lessons. I can not quiet my mind. The closest I ever came to a hushed mind was a yoga class.  I couldn’t speak or make jokes, and I really had to focus so I wouldn’t make anyone else laugh.  Inner peace?… don’t know.

Then I met Zentangle. I can still talk while doing this, but I do not want to . I concentrate, on each stroke, I focus on efforts, and I do feel calmer.  (Unlike yoga, I don not hurt after I practice Zentangle!)

Natural Artwork

I take my phone wherever I go, yes if my grown children cal (!) but also because of its camera. More than once I was sorry that I didn't have it. This morning I snapped this:

Then came in for a close up... And then moved the prop in!! 

I love it!!!!


The Process I am Using for my Winter Park Canvas Project

Once I take and fall in love with a photo, I print it a few times on card stock. I then tangle  and doodle on the card stock. If I love what is happening, I then print my photo on canvas, this one is 16 x 20.  It is a photo of a large iron, decorative gate that is inside a hotel.  Knowing I wanted to utilize the shadows, I played with it until they were fairly obvious. 

After using a gold ink pen to see and feel what can work (and by that I mean what I love!) 

I then take a better quality gold paint pen and begin to execute my enhancements. 

The first two photos are on the card stock, nothing done on on first, then the second one is where you can see my inkings. .  The third photo is the canvas, with beginning of my  final work. I work on it over a period of days, for when I leave it alone for awhile, I always see new ideas!

 This canvas, along with my others will be in my gallery show in the fall! Stay tuned to where and when!!

Camera Roll and Snapshot

I  have always been DRAWN  to patterns. Now I am DRAWING patterns!

I take lots and lots of photos, and when i look back at them, I can find patterns.  When people are taking pictures of the famous buildings, I am taking pictures of the roof tiles . My family no longer questions when i point my camera down and take a picture of the flooring!

Or up....           

I use these photos for inspiration for a new pattern, or to actually tangle on 

How do I know which picture to take?  At first it simply has to catch my eye, and with the advent of digital photography, its easy and chep to take EVERYTHING that catches my eye. When I upload the photos I have a gut feeling for the best of  what I took.  No kidding, some of my photos give me a trembling, a yummy feeling in my tummy. Like when you see a delish dessert... thats when I know its a keeper.  Not all my photos may look like that to you or me (!) at first, but the idea of what I can do to it I may be getting my mouth to water. 

I may not do anything with or to the pix right away... matter of fact it was years until I used some of the photos I took in Spain, France, Turkey and Cuba! It was not until  I took a class in Zentangle, and learned to draw repetitive patterns in a meditative way, that I realized how I would use my photos.

I made a book called Real Life Strings! I designed it as a work / coloring book that you draw a directly in. You can find out more here. 

Keep watching this blog for more of what I see, how I see it, 

(and what I do to it!)

Everything Starts at the Beginning

I love
I love art
I love Zentangle 
I made a book
I made a book of my photographs
I made a book of my photographs for Zentangle
I love the the art that people create in my book of photographs with Zentangle

Thank goodness Adele Bruno decided to tangle this photo rather than graffiti the real building in Cuba.

Thank goodness Adele Bruno decided to tangle this photo rather than graffiti the real building in Cuba.

I'm crazy for this wall in a restaurant in Florida. I'm crazy for Lucy Banta's take on it!

I'm crazy for this wall in a restaurant in Florida. I'm crazy for Lucy Banta's take on it!


 Far from                                                    THE END

More like                                         JUST THE BEGINNING

Live the Life You've Imagined!

I'm very entrepreneurial. Each time I start a new business venture I ask myself the same question, "Is THIS it?” Will this finally be THE vehicle that will bring me to THAT place? That “place,” of course, is where I would enjoy the hell out of what I was doing, and also be making a difference! However, never has an endeavor lead me to a resounding “YES! THIS is it!"

That is, until now…The pillow that you see below greeted me in my hotel room in Providence, R.I., where I was attending training to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher. Little did I realize that it was telling me the answer to my life-long question; “YES! This IS it!”

Zentangle is turning out to be not only a vocation, but my LIFE as I have always imagined it! It is fulfilling my artistic and creative needs, and through my teaching, is easily ‘spreadable!'

As short as this new career is, I personally have already seen a difference being made in my students. Through a Zentangle class, I taught one woman how to escape (for a little while each day) the stress of being a caretaker to her husband who is fighting cancer. Another student of mine, upon learning to use her new art form, found help with her insomnia. The list goes on, including being able to reduce the use of pain meds, controlling anger issues and even relieving symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Some people report Zentangle has also helped them release bad habits! I am collecting the more dramatic stories. But small changes in almost everyone who discovers this "new fangled" art of  Zentangle are evident. 

I cannot wait to gather more and more stories of how, through my efforts of teaching Zentangle, people's lives are changing. I know it is certainly changing mine! I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you as you begin your “tangled” journeys. Feel free to reach out to me as you do at (or leave a comment below!) and let me now how Zentangle is changing your life!

Happy tangling! 

Sindy P.