Real Life Strings is full of Sindy P's world-wide photographs that are ready to be drawn on!   Add your talent and tangles, and they turn into personal masterpieces!

The book is small and square, with a solid, chunky feel. It is easy to work in without a surface to lean on. (Takeoff and landing, in a car, waiting rooms). The paper was chosen for its thick, sturdiness with a bit of a 'tooth' making drawing more fun.



Always excited to learn more about her interests, Sindy P took a class from Adele Brunco, CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) to see what this new-fangled art form was.

At the same time as she was learning about Zentangles, Sindy was also taking a class to learn how to use her new camera.

Perhaps it was a happy accident... because her two interests collided! After she learned more about Zentangle, Sindy noticed that many of the photos  she had taken could also be tangled!

Sindy P prepped a few photos, drew patterns on them, and did a show and tell with Adele. Her teacher got excited and thought others would as well--so she suggested that Sindy create a book... and "Real Life Strings" was born!

All of the photographs in "Real Life Strings" have been taken by Sindy P. She went back into her archives and found pictures that were just waiting for tangles and patterns to come along! Sindy used a variety of programs and apps to make her photos as tangle-friendly as possible.

We hope you enjoy tangling Sindy's photos as much as everyone else does!